Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Whadda week.

Last week we shot overnight in the Syracuse Walmart, finished at 4:00 am. And I got waaaay too giggly around two. I nearly ruined a take but managed to hold it together and run for the green room. What seemed so gosh darn funny then, now...not so much.

Tuesday I had another overnighter but I had the good fortune of hiring a good friend and my sister to both assist for me. The two people who know me well enough to say, "Go get your own steamer, Lady. Geez." But surprisingly neither did, and that is why they will get more calls from me! Thanks to the "Jens" for being willing to step in and help me after that last minute cancellation. And thanks for just being cool girls. I love you!

Wednesday was a prep-day and Thursday we shot at the new Intermountain Health complex. Wow, are they nice buildings. And all of the hospital people were so classy to drop their massive work load involving this huge opening and assist us with the shoot. I can't imagine doing it with out them but I'm sure they wanted us to try sometimes. And thanks to Jen, and Kenny, who assisted. Thanks for making that the most fun I've had all year. God love you, Kenny, for telling me that awesome story. I haven't stopped smiling all week.

I turned, well, a certain year over Thirty on Sunday and that ended my week.