Saturday, August 23, 2008

I am just not cool.

Here is a list of things that are or were huge and I will never be into, thus making me not cool.  

1.  Twilight.  Why-It was written for teens.  And female Americans have lost their collective minds over it.  Sigh.  
2.  The Lord of the Rings.  Why-It's full of stupid contrived words.  I couldn't make it three minutes into the film with all that narration.  Blah, Blah,Blah.  And when she stops talking...Hobbits.
3. Star Wars.  Why-I liked the first two.  Isn't that enough?  And more made up stupid words, like Padiwan.  What is that?
4. Pretty Woman.  Why-The scene where people are NOT nice to her in the store but then she gets to go back and tell them "Big Mistake"?  Why do people STILL talk about that scene?  And-She's a whore and she gets the handsome rich guy in the end!?!
5.  Julia Roberts.  Why-See #4.
6.  Harry Potter.  Why-Because so many people could not stop talking about it for so long.  And again, it's meant for kids!
7.  Molly Ringwald.  Why-She is getting good reviews again for this new show she's on.  I watched a scene.  She sucked THEN and she sucks NOW!  Did you buy her as the prom queen in Breakfast Club?  
8.  Tom Cruise.  Why-I was right all along!  He is weird and I always knew it.  All my friends loved him but it will never, ever happen for me.  Even if this Hitler movie fixes his image.
9.  Jennifer Aniston.  Why-She seems nice but she dated John Mayer and she just isn't pretty.  She's not!  Nice hair and boobs don't mean you're pretty.  And-I hear first hand she's a blaizoid.
10.  The Gap Inc.  This includes Old Navy and Banana Republic.  I know it's a weird thing.  But did you know the original intent of Old Navy was to replace Kmart?  It was geared specifically to Kmart shoppers.  Banana was a cool outdoor store at one time.  Remember that?  Gap sucked all of the life out of it.  Like a vampire from a stupid teen novel.

That's my list, and you don't have to agree with me.  It's just one gal's opinion.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

So we are going to Boulder for a wedding this weekend.  And then I have a pre-production meeting in SLC Monday, prep day Tuesday for a shoot Wed for Elmira Business School.  And then Brett and Jenny will do a photo shoot with Ty in our yard and they are totally letting me do art and stuff.  And then I have another shoot for Left Turn but I'm not sure who the client is, Novell?  So there's that.  And I REALLY have to stock my depleted kit.  I want to meet Amanda and take her to thrift stores while she's here in Utah.  I'm committed to talk to Bron who is being so kind as to learn me about REAL film make-up, and who is in town for a limited time.  And Aidan starts school Monday and I have a stack of his registration papers.  I have to book the temple for our wedding but my recommend expired so I have to get an appointment to update that.  I have to still get my new IDs for the I-9 so I can finally get paid from HSM.  And I have to prime and paint and plum the new bathroom vanity.  And call about our medical insurance.  And fix the windshield chip.  And teach Sunbeams.  Visit teach..?

I can't do any of these things now so I'm going to bed.  I have a cold.  But I get to see my family, so nothing will stop me from making my husband drive all the way to Colorado in the middle of all of this.  Some things are just more important.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Salt of the Earth.

It was nice to go back to the City today.  At the car dealership they didn't charge me for labor so my bill was just 2.00 for a tail light bulb.  That was just the beginning of a great day.

I went to the Designer Fabric store.  They are having a step down sale.  Starting in July the fabric just goes more and more on sale.  This stuff is normally 40.00 a yard.  IT goes to like 20 then 10 then 5 and 4 and 3 then after Aug 11 the fabric takes it's final step down to 2.00 a yard.  I bought some today for 3.00 that matches my living room perfectly.  27.00 for wool living room curtains.  

I went to Decades.  If I had a wider readership I would not be breathing this name out loud for fear it will become too picked over, but I pretty much know who tunes in here.  Decades had about fourteen dresses, six hand bags, a wool coat and a tweed suit I really wanted to buy.  Cornflower blue beaded dress I was in totally love with?  32.00.  I didn't have enough cash, sadly.  (And isn't a beaded dress a bit much for a pasture wedding in the Colorado mountains?  I'm still thinking about making a dress of my creme eyelet wedding tablecloths.  You can wear off-white to a wedding safely, right?  Maybe not...)

I got donuts and Pepsi at Wayne's Corner Market and he told me a funny story about his wife having kids every 20 months to the day, to the hour!  All born at one in the afternoon like clockwork.

I went in to Cosmic Pictures and got a pleasant surprise.  Backstory:  I felt suddenly inspired in Legoland to sell our house.  Until that point I was totally certain this was the house we were supposed to raise our kids in and felt forced to make it work.  But I could suddenly see that selling it would pay off all our debt and leave a bit for a down payment and fix up the next one.  I thought of the house on the corner of Timpview Dr and 3950.  Just west of our current house.  It was designed by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright.  I love it.  I get it.  It functions.  I can see my family there.  I can see friends over.  I get this house and it gets me.  My friends own it.  I'd love to give money to people I love.  BUT- others have told me they tried to buy it and my friend didn't want to sell.  I called him a few weeks ago and left a message and he didn't call me back.  I left him a note.  I really had little hope but knew that if this was a real feeling, this feeling that this was supposed to be our house, that it would work out and I didn't have to keep calling him.  I let it go.   

So I went to Cosmic Pictures   And there is my friend that owns the house.  I've not seen him there in all of the four years I've been with them.  And since it was a surprise, I wasn't in my head about saying anything stupid or wrong, I just asked if they would want to sell us their house.  He said they used to want to keep it as a rental but he's tired of working on it.   With them not living in the same town, he can't just stop by and do the work.  And they would use the money to put toward their other mortgage.  He seemed to be excited to do it.  But he has to ask his wife.  He's a good man.

Now, keep in mind I don't feel like this was my idea.  I just downloaded the concept.  One minute I'm hanging out and the next minute I have this plan completely formed and already there in my consciousness.  The next part of the idea is to call the realtor that sold us our house.  At the time he told us that if we wanted to turn around and sell it, he had a friend who fixes and flips homes that was really interested.  We told him no, but he brought it up a few times so I know he was serious.  I remembered this and totally feel like it's worth investigating.  (Unless you want our house...)  If it all works out the way I see it we will be out of this house without our doing any serious work to it and into an adorable house, in the same neighborhood, on the same street, in the same school and ward, with a lower house payment and all our debt...gone.  (Other than the mortgage, of course.)  Can I get a booyah!?!  

Oh, and the gas extender we've been trying totally works.  (Unlike the last one...)  If you want some, we are trying to get more free samples.  Brett just made a web site so others can order it, too.  (I'll post it's address once I remember what it is.)  So I don't feel guilty going to the city.  And that's great because Decades has layaway...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Mommy is nice.

My mom took my kids over the weekend after my last shoot.  For three days, she had them.  So Brett and I worked on the mold rooms and took loads to the dump and DI and watched a movie that made me cry and tried to get pregnant.  It was a good rest and I actually am happy to see my kids and even happy to resume work on the house this week.  (Thanks in big part to all of your VERY kind words.  You guys really healed up a lot of self pity with your awesome comments!)  Mom bought the kids some new clothes to go to my cousin's wedding which is a big help because heaven knows when it comes to dressing my kids, I tend to over think it.  We are super excited for the Thrills shows at Sundance!!  I'm excited also to finally see the last batch of Cosmic and Fueld commercials I have worked on.  This year has not been as over jammed with work, like some others, but I have worked on some of my favorite shoots, ever.  And I am still watching my girl Christina on HSM Get in the Picture.  I sewed her outfit (sewed her into it even) and she was very nice.  VERY.  I am hoping she goes really far, if not all the way.  (I do think I know who wins, but it's staying in me till the end!!) 

And girls, lets start a *itch and stitch!  Declare your availability for next week.  I'm hosting, which means Coke Zero and Powdered doughnuts for all!  I am so very happy to be able to finally have people over and not worry about mold spores.