Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Mommy is nice.

My mom took my kids over the weekend after my last shoot.  For three days, she had them.  So Brett and I worked on the mold rooms and took loads to the dump and DI and watched a movie that made me cry and tried to get pregnant.  It was a good rest and I actually am happy to see my kids and even happy to resume work on the house this week.  (Thanks in big part to all of your VERY kind words.  You guys really healed up a lot of self pity with your awesome comments!)  Mom bought the kids some new clothes to go to my cousin's wedding which is a big help because heaven knows when it comes to dressing my kids, I tend to over think it.  We are super excited for the Thrills shows at Sundance!!  I'm excited also to finally see the last batch of Cosmic and Fueld commercials I have worked on.  This year has not been as over jammed with work, like some others, but I have worked on some of my favorite shoots, ever.  And I am still watching my girl Christina on HSM Get in the Picture.  I sewed her outfit (sewed her into it even) and she was very nice.  VERY.  I am hoping she goes really far, if not all the way.  (I do think I know who wins, but it's staying in me till the end!!) 

And girls, lets start a *itch and stitch!  Declare your availability for next week.  I'm hosting, which means Coke Zero and Powdered doughnuts for all!  I am so very happy to be able to finally have people over and not worry about mold spores.


BrettM said...

Your mom IS nice. I had the best weekend. Cool to have that time with you, honey.

Lisa said...

You guys are nice.

I want to drink Coke zero in your house. . .!

Hailey said...

I want to play, but can I just drink Coke and talk and not sew?

P.S. I'm sorry I won the Debbie Downer comment award in your last post. I just want to support what YOU want. Besides, I could NEVER renovate a house, so I stand in awe.

The Bakers said...

Ooo...I got something I actually need to stitch. And I don't do Coke Zero. So I'll bring some Bottled Coke de Mexico to suck down. Wahoo!