Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Twisted Thrifter

Yesterday I posted on Buzzfeed at the behest of a darling IG friend, Aubrey. I posted about these silly and disturbing pictures I enjoy doing. The post I wrote is HERE.  I sold at "auction" two pictures for my child's elementary school arts program and intend to do more, they are trying to raise 10,000.

Tonight is this fundraiser:


The first I sold was Thomas Kinkade Crime Scene, above, to Kevin Auernig at Sodalicious.  I had the best time dropping it off because the employees were morbidly fascinated by it and I just love that. Plus I got to order myself a Skinny Southern Gentlemen Extra Dirty which makes me chuckle every time because I'm still 12.

I sold Firestarter to designer Dave Eliason. I think it turned out amazingly, if I do say so myself.

I have this one left to complete, I will just call it...Fetch.  I'm adding dogs.  Loooots of dogs.

This one was commissioned by my good friend Becky who shares a love for all things absurd.  Co-incidentally, or not, I was her TA in Art in 7th grade. So kids, be nice to your TAs.  You may still be friends when you're 40.

I'm having so much fun that I am now in the market for loads of old art.  Paintings, prints and photographs.  Anything tacky and/or odd.  Make a donation to me, and you're making a donation to the Edgemont Arts program!