Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

So we are going to Boulder for a wedding this weekend.  And then I have a pre-production meeting in SLC Monday, prep day Tuesday for a shoot Wed for Elmira Business School.  And then Brett and Jenny will do a photo shoot with Ty in our yard and they are totally letting me do art and stuff.  And then I have another shoot for Left Turn but I'm not sure who the client is, Novell?  So there's that.  And I REALLY have to stock my depleted kit.  I want to meet Amanda and take her to thrift stores while she's here in Utah.  I'm committed to talk to Bron who is being so kind as to learn me about REAL film make-up, and who is in town for a limited time.  And Aidan starts school Monday and I have a stack of his registration papers.  I have to book the temple for our wedding but my recommend expired so I have to get an appointment to update that.  I have to still get my new IDs for the I-9 so I can finally get paid from HSM.  And I have to prime and paint and plum the new bathroom vanity.  And call about our medical insurance.  And fix the windshield chip.  And teach Sunbeams.  Visit teach..?

I can't do any of these things now so I'm going to bed.  I have a cold.  But I get to see my family, so nothing will stop me from making my husband drive all the way to Colorado in the middle of all of this.  Some things are just more important.


The Bakers said...

Wow. Good luck with all that and have fun in Colorado...may all your "hopes and dreams" come true. ( "

Shawn said...

Hey there.
It was so great to meet you finally and hang with you!

You are so beautiful and your daughter is a gem----love her hair! I know that you will be able to get everything done---just take it a minute at a time! :)

Hailey said...

We missed you Wed., but I have to go take a nap after reading this, so I don't blame you for skipping PR! Let me know if you need any help with your week. Ben's out of town so I'm just hanging out.