Thursday, December 13, 2007

Work, really?

I received a call from Butch Adams, in November. I thought he must be feeling like shooting the breeze, wanting to get info about what my sister, a good friend of his, wants for Christmas. But no, he had work. He asked if I could assist an Art Director from San Francisco on a catalog shoot for a progressive company called Econscious Clothing. Art Director Dave Kovner flew out for the occasion. He was a dream to work for. He's done a lot of big work with huge companies like Pottery Barn and has a great natural instinct. He's also very humble and genuine. So not only did I get to work in November, which never happens, but it was really fun to work with him, Butch and Kathy Vargas again. The models were wonderful and fun as well. ( Dan, "Who makes the turn-y thing the knob?") It was cold, and it smelled of brine shrimp out on Antelope Island but picturesque and really magical. Poor Butch had a freshly broken back and still worked the full three days, no whining. He's an animal.

On an awesome side note, I am now represented by TMG for Make-up and Styling. I was THRILLED to get my first call from them but alas, I was scheduled. My first call, and I have to say no. And in November?? I hope it's the first call of many.

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