Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bentz Family Vacation Do-Over Contest

So I know I'm not a Clark Family member with a blog readership of over six hundred but for those few of you that do read, please go to www.parentingextras.com/familyroadtrip/ and vote for the Bentz Family. Brett's sister is Tiffany Bentz and their dear family had a way worse time on our family trip then I blogged about previously. I was only miserable and hot at Sea World. They were miserable and hot and had barfing kids. Kids that barfed on their DVD player. Kids that barfed up their Anti-Biotics for their painful ear infection. Kids that decided they would just not take meds no matter what. I feel for them, they SO deserve a do-over! I hope they get it. I don't know how they mantained their sunny cheerful attitudes. VOTE VOTE VOTE! And thank you for your support.


Exit Smith said...

They won, by the way. Awesome.

BrettM said...

That comment was from me, not Rod. Sorry.