Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Before Multi Master Pictures.

This is what my kitchen looks like. And sad to say what it has looked like for about 6 weeks. Yes. Debris and all. I never bagged it up. I also never finished ripping out the particle board subfloor. (Yes, I know it's like a big fragile saltine cracker should it get soaked, that is why I'm tearing it out. Why do men think they have to mention this? Do they assume I'm tearing it out because my high heels put unsightly dents in it?)

The good news is that had I finished it, the Multi-Master folks wouldn't have been able to shoot in my house. Their tool is perfect for ripping out the last of my subfloor. They are also helping with that ledge thingie under the window, whatever it's called. Their tool will cut the broken tile out. I could cry with the happiness.

They are also grinding down the big thick crack in the unsightly plaster in my livingroom ceiling and doing a regular knock down texture. And one of the the mold walls downstairs will probably get a little dry wall and mudding but I'm not sure... I'll have some "before" pictures up of those, too, shortly. I want every one of my readers, you loyal few, to be able to see how awesome these people are and what they are doing for me. They could choose to rent a stage at like, K-Jazz Studios and build a set and show their stuff there, but they did not. They picked real people with real problems that this tool can fix because they are a bunch of super cool selfless dudes. So there.


Josh said...

Yeah for the multi-masters! I may have to buy one and make sure it was because I saw their infomercial of your hours. Congrats!

Shawn said...

Can't WAIT to see the results! How long will it take? Take LOTS of pictures!

BrettM said...

THAT's what our kitchen looks like??!! I wouldn't know, I never go in there.

But seriously, I love MultiMaster and the crew.

Lisa said...

I love them, too! Can they take a look at my bathroom? (too soon?)

Hailey said...

This is so exciting, I can't wait! Also, if you need me to go with you to Gold's and work out and yell at people, I'll do both.