Friday, May 7, 2010

Brett Merritt is the Bomb Dot Com.

And now for a public thank you. Thank you so much, Bret Merritt. I think I will cry for a couple of weeks every time I see you knowing that you think all of those nice things you wrote about me on your blog. The kids asked me to read it out loud to them and they seconded some points and gave me big hugs and made me cry even harder. That was the best Mother's Day gift I could ever, ever ask for and there is no way you could have guessed the kids would also be so cute about it and make it that much more special. I love you very much. I'm glad we're forever.


Sarah said...

I think he captured you beautifully.

BrettM said...

That's awesome about the kids! I love you all and I appreciate this thank you note.

alisa said...

Beautiful! It is a wonderful thing for both husband and wife to believe they "won the prize". Truly a wonderful read (Amelia's blog and Brett's)Thanks!