Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wes and Ella: Day One.

Everything on my body hurts. Art Dept went into overtime on Sat. 17.5 hours. And I didn't even get to clear out two locations because they locked up and I couldn't get in to clean them so I have to go tonight. I have slivers that I can't see. I wore Ebony stain splatter on my leg to church today. I fell soundly asleep in Sacrament. I accidentally wrote Bella's name on Brett's Father's Day card. I'm already behind on my massive schedule of things to do. My house is a royal total mess. I have nothing left in my budget but more props to get. Nancy told me (I think) she is recommending me as a teacher in some new Sunday School class but I didn't EVEN understand the conversation as it went. Are these my fingers?

I can't wait to do it again tomorrow.

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Tayva said...

I have loved reading these last two posts, and I think that you might not be able to read this until you get a bit of a breather! But, in the meantime, really being able to create something that you believe in and want your name on--because it carries part of you--is the only end there is. Money gets spent and wasted and the media goes through celebrities like paper towels. Maybe not all art is 'eternal', but making art for the right reasons IS. Kudos to you for knowing the difference. And much love.