Friday, November 25, 2011

The Most Influential Man of My Childhood, Jim Henson.

I saw The Muppet Movie in the theater. And I still remember the first thing I thought when I heard the opening banjo, I thought how much Kermit reminded me of my grandfather Paul. Simple, kind, silly, kinda corny but an all around good hearted creature. He also had really long legs. I was hundreds of miles away from my grandfather but I felt close when I watched The Muppet Show.

Today when we went to The Muppets I laughed and I cried from the first frame until the musical number at the end. Jason Segel was perfect. Pitch perfect. He was also one of the writers, which was a stroke of brilliance on whomever's part. For the last week as a family we have been on using the Whatnot Creator which you can use here:

Today Mindy Gledhill's video for Winter Moon that I worked on came out. I got to do the Art Direction, so I was the one that made the twinkle trees and painted the banjo and made fake cakes and did Mindy's makeup. But I also got to puppeteer the snowman. So today, I watched The Muppets and then came home and watched a documentary On Demand about Jim Henson and then I also got to watch my first time ever as a puppeteer. And I cried like my daughter got married. And then I squeeled and clapped. And then I cried some more. But mostly squeeled. I told Brett that it was like I caught some sort of virus. A puppeteering virus. And he said it was OK. And I said, "Yeah, but I'm...40." And he said that it was never too late to find something you love to do. And this is why my husband is the coolest guy and the best husband in the entire universe. Because I told my husband I wanted to puppeteer and he said, "Cool".

So here it is...Winter Moon starring Mr. Snowman. And, oh yeah, Mindy Gledhill. ;)


Mindy Gledhill said...

Amelia, it just wouldn't have turned out the same without you. I feel so blessed that you were available and willing to work on this video! Really hoping to work with you again.

Much Love,


P.S. I thought you were 30ish!

Amelia Merritt said...

Oh my dear, you are so wonderful. I love that all of the magic and wonder and beauty that is in you shows up in everything you do. Your gorgeous kids, your voice your music...everything. You're amazing, thank you so much for asking me to do it. I will work with you again in a nano-second. A milli-bleam.

Also P.S. That is my favorite compliment.

Cristina HW said...

You are pretty much FANTASTIC! I absolutely love this post. Love that you admit your dream, love that the hubby loves it, love that you did it!