Thursday, May 29, 2008

Big girls still cry, but they're cuter.

So Isabella woke up a different person yesterday.  She said, first thing, "I'm big today." and stretched.  Like, oh well, I guess that happened.  And then she said some disturbing things.  Because she's big now. 

Belly has always been the funny child in our house.  Aidan's humor is too contrived and we have to do the courtesy laugh nearly every time.  And he jokes often about video games.  Like we can relate at all to anything Kirby may or may not have done to Blastoise?  Thank heaven for the neighborhood of boys.  They all get each other.  I don't know how but they do.

But Belly is hilarious.  Her facial expressions are beyond her years and she will hold an expression then allow just her arms to drop.  Or hold her body still and allow the crayon in her hand to drop...with professional timing.  Brett is SO her dad.  Yesterday we were playing with the Playdough that she got for her birthday.  We have these birds from Tiki Island where you push the hollow bird shell down over it's feet and the clay hair and beak come out.  Because I'm me I made "wing warmers" and decide the female's should be polka-dotted.  I decorated another bird's wing warmers with bigger polka-dots.  And I told Bella I would be happy to decorate her Bird's wing warmers also.  She raised her eyebrows and said, "My bird doesn't want polka dots because he's a grown man."  And then the grown man bird proceeded to tell his family of birds that there would be no back squawk.  I really love my job but I may start working less and less because I just won't want to miss the Bella Show.  It's so good, I won't want commercial interruption.  Aha!  (Yeah, I'll leave funny to the B's.)


The Bakers said...

My goodness I would have laughed out loud! Back sqwak!?! I gotta remember that one...I love how kids pick up on the world and then don't realize why or how. This afternoon my oldest daughter called my middle daughter a "contrived monkey" and when questioned about where she had heard it, she had no idea.

Kami said...

What a cutie just like her mama!