Wednesday, April 15, 2009

KSL Part Three.

Oh, man. I have some more great stuff from crazy people. I get such a nice glimpse into the psyche of the average American that I think that even once my home is fully furnished I will still go to KSL for the entertainment. For a while there I was only finding things that gave me minor chuckles. Mostly at how people will misspell things. "Couche in Mint Condition" "I also have more items for sell" One woman even posted an ad asking for people to please "higher her" to decorate their homes because she knows how to do it for less. (FYI...So do the people reading your ad. That is why they are on KSL.)

But here are some real doozies. You really have to see the full ads on these to appreciate them.

$1,199.00 $ / FOR ** 4 CHAIRS **
Sandy, UT 84092 - Feb 7, 2009
These are barcellona style chairs each originally over 900 a piece, frames of stainless steel,chrome, perfect for that MODERN LOOK!! leather (could be refinished in different color if desired)The one shown is the worst of the 4, The others are not damaged ....On EBAY 4 are shown for 1899. with not as much leather.. These on here are a SUPERVALUE @under 300 each!(Table solid & sturdy same leg style also available for 399.)MAKE AN OFFER !

Okaaaay... I have seen this phenomenon before. Let's call it the Antique Roadshow Syndrome. People see that old items that look like these are in Vogue and get all wound up thinking that their stuff must also be worth something. What they don't get is that a painting by Picasso is worth millions but a cubist "style" painting by their great uncle Earl is not. And their nappy chairs are worth about a hand full of gumballs.

Speaking of...

easter chicks order today for friday and sat pick up
pleasent grove, UT 84062 - Apr 7, 2009
I have a limited suppily of colored easter chicks I will hold them till friday or saturday befout noon but I cannot promice the colors you want they are here and the people who pick up first will get first dibs on colors
other chicks and ducks also avalible

Wow, just what my kids wanted for Easter. It's like he's in their heads! I am so glad that this PG man is around to suppily all of my many water fowl needs.

NEW AR-15! Century Arms New in the Box.
Farr West, UT 84404 - Apr 15, 2009
These are awesome guns. Great guns to shoot coyotes or varmints or just fun to target practice with.

I thought the word "varmint" was a word that Yosemete Sam made up.

...Nice doggie...

Make Reasonable Offer
Star Trek Plus The Next Generation
Provo, UT 84601 - Apr 6, 2009
Everything is in excellent condition. Tapes & cases. There is a total of 103. If you have any ?'s call or text! Can arrange for pick-up in South Salt Lake area! Click more by seller! I will be around Monday & Tuesday. Will be gone 8th-15th! Happy Easter!

I'll make you a reasonable offer! How about your 103 Star Trek PLUS videos for some colored chicks and a set of torn up leather chairs "just like" some that are really expensive?

Reading this article should be mandatory before posting on KSL.


The End.

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Shawn said...

Oh wow! I can't believe the GREAT stuff that you find on there--heh, heh.

I am really missing out by not living closer to all those amazing deals....