Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Get out your copy of Singles...

I love fashion and I have never posted anything about it, really.  I follow it religiously which has gotten me into trouble in the past.  (See Prom Dress Debacle on Top 5 Most Embarrassing list from past blog entry.)   I wouldn't blame you for thinking I know nothing about it were we ever to meet.  I follow it on the inside.  Brett has his music, I have my fashion.  But I don't know how he does it since there are new bands nearly every five minutes and half of their music sounds the same.  

I don't have many talents.  I really don't.  And especially not compared to Brett.  But for as long as I can remember I have been able to tell what's going to happen in fashion.  I may or may not choose to participate, but I know what's going on.  My ex-step sister Amanda who lives in Reno informed me about a year ago that the 80's were coming back!  See, with hip networks like this how can I not know what's going to be cool.

So to inform you all officially, get ready to WELCOME IN THE 90'S.  It's brewing like a pot of coffee at The Central Perk.  All of the old music is subversively being routed into soundtracks, girls in Doc's are in magazines and even Urban Outfitters is showing 8-10 eye work boots with babydolls.  Teen Vogue practically began it.  They primed the pump by showing boots with party dresses close to two years ago.  Dakota Fanning wore MJ platform combat boots with a taffeta dress in her Teen Vogue spread, and she asked to keep them.  It's been snowballing since.  About then Marc Jacobs came out with a fall line very inspired by Grunge.  It was waaaay too early for most and he quickly recanted with his next show being nearly Chanel like in nature.  But it's the decade he is sprinting to embrace since it was the first decade he found recognition.  But I digress...  Brett and I just watched an episode of Fear Itself and the girl was in a great jersey grecian dress with combat boots.  The Dark Knight even will begin to turn a lot of young people towards darker themes and old school goth inspired fashion, like The Crow did.  Dust off your Doc's if you've got 'em.

Don't believe me?  Let's do the math.  The children of the 90's are coming into the 13-25 year old age group where they are asked to pick and choose and they will use old faint memories of what their big brothers and sisters did and wore to inspire them.  And they'll use the excuse that they think it's funny to "remember" grunge.  But because no one wants to be a full-on copy cat it will be twisted up with small doses of the 30's and 60's and Emo and Punk and a generous helping of hipster thanks to American Apparel and UO.

But one thing is for sure.  None of those themes have anything to do with Paris Hilton.  In fact any girl that considers herself a fashionista ( a term I loathe, LOATHE!! ) and has used tons of money to buy her style will have to start using it to look like she's a broke artist, or not be cool.  Celebutants will fire their agents and publicists.  Celebrities will be falling all over themselves trying to remind people they have street cred while sporting designer combat boots and utility handbags.  But money will be out, power to the people.  Oh, and it also is an election year and we are in a recession that is not being called a recession.  So, go new grunge style, what ever you will be called!  I will look forward to seeing you hit your stride next couple of years on the coasts and reach Utah in 2011-2012 if the wind is right.  I already bought my slumpy vintage dresses and round-toed wingtips.  Join me and begin a revolution.


theJorgies said...

really now? i don't doubt you, but rather would qualify my emotion as disbelief. i LOVED grunge (hmmm ... does that "type" me?) and am so excited to see a move away from skinny pants and ... well, mostly just skinny pants.

Amelia Merritt said...

I KNOW! I mean really who looks good in skinny jeans? WHO?? Even the skinny mini's in Hollywood moved as quickly as possible into those J-brand high waisted wide-legs. It's like the Lucky Giant Jean from '94 revisited! I loved the thrift clothes part of Grunge, so I'm in heaven.

Also further proof...JC Penny has a 80's inspired back to school Breakfast Club knock off TV commercial. It's officially as dead as Disco, kids.

Shawn said...

Hey, I really remember that era---as well as all the others, back to the 70's, but I actually liked the docs with dresses look because you could kind of look dressed up, but then be comfortable at the same time!

I still tend to want to dress up, and all I see around me is jeans and tee-shirts and sweats, so I would just like it if anyone anymore would dress up at all!!
You'll have to read my blog about it sometime---my fetish of how people are so lazy now and never look stylish...

Yes, you have to scroll back a bit, but its there. :)

Dextra said...

Good for people to know.