Saturday, December 13, 2008

Looks like I made it.

I survived the back to back shoots. Woo. There is still one more but it's not heavy. Just a show up and do make-up kind of day. So I feel like snuggling down in my house and sleeping until roughly May. I've missed out on a lot while I was working, like AFV. So I'm catching up right now. Aw, dogs in shoes. Ow, dudes hitting stop signs. Ew, birds going poop on toddlers.

We have a cat now. Her name is Jane. We call her Friskers Meow. Brett hates her. It's a surprise to me how much I like her. Pugmann wants her to be in his mouth at all times. Pugmann now weighs 300 pounds from the eating of Jane's food. (Side note: My daughter said a funny thing while watching Beyonce's Single Ladies video on You Tube with me. She asked if one of the girls in it was my friend Jane Black. I couldn't figure it out but I think she knows the girls are black and I have a friend named Jane Black and did the "math".)

My Grandma broke her hip. And that commercial where the old woman falls and can't get up that we all made fun of is now not so funny. She fell while alone and wasn't able to move until my Cousin Elizabeth came home from school and found her and called for help. I will bawl if I think about it. So the package I just sent will not get to Grandma because she is in Hospital. I love saying that. So Brittish. Can't we bring that around?

Brett was given the job of putting up the Christmas lights three Saturdays ago but the weather was just too nice and he had to be indoors playing WOW until a massive storm today finally drove him out of doors to do the lights. Wha?? Poor man.

We are asking for heart felt prayers. It's super selfish to ask, I know. But. A good friend that produces commercials told me he is doing an infomercial for a tool that is great for remodeling. He came and took lots of pictures of our torn up house. He thinks that they may use it to shoot some before and afters. They will supply the afters. So I am begging that they find many, many rooms that will work for their commercial. The client flies into town on the 22nd to look at our house. Even if they just do our cabinets I am happy. But I can't help wondering, what if they do more?? But I'm not counting any chickens. Trying not to count chickens. No chickens.

I have shopping done, and the tree up and now I need to go do a cross-stitch due Tuesday and a few returns and get ready for the Ward Christmas Party so no one thinks I'm a Jack Mormon again. Which by the way used to be a term for people friendly to Mormons. And with that I leave you again until after Christmas. Or until something interesting happens.

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Shawn said...

Hadn't noticed that you had posted again! Soooo lovely to hear from you...

Glad you have everything Christmas oriented done---I don't and I am freaking! By the by,---loved having a chat with you---you are awesome.