Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A day late and...ok a lot of days late...and $500 short.

Well, I finally got my camera and my computer and the right cords and the right memory card all in the same place at the same time. It wasn't easy. So I now have the pictures from the Multi-Master shoot from what, six months ago? But here you go, if you still care at all.

This is what our kitchen looked like for six weeks. Seven? A lot of weeks.

Boy, did the animals love playing in the debris! They dragged it all over my house.

But don't even worry, the Multi-Master crew is here, now. Shhhh, yeah it's all gonna be OK now.

I think here Kent stepped on a nail. Sorry.

New counter tops going in.

Ooooooh, preeeeety.

I love my farm house sink.

Here are the floors going in. I had to es'plain how the pattern was supposed to go at the last minute. They had it wrong. So it slowed us up a bit. But they did it perfect and now I love them.

Jane is looking out the window wondering where her pile of debris went.

Oh, nope. There it is.

The deck.

There's that darn debris pile. And it looks like it's gotten angry. I don't want to see it angry.

I shouldn't have looked in the garage either.

Six months after the make-over we have had some issues with the speedy nature of the remodel. The sink leaks, the doors underneath are pulling off and apart, the tile settled crooked from us walking on them and we have had a lot of grout loss on the tiles. But for the most part it looks good. CERTAINLY better then it did. And one of the tile workers left us a cool used sweatshirt. So thanks for that.

Since these pictures were taken I have painted the kitchen a softer green in my new favorite thing, Benjamin Moore Matte paint. It's washable flat paint. That's right, you heard me. And I picked a cool "greige" for the hallways and entryway. It hides EVERYTHING. Run, don't walk, out and buy some for your house if you have old and ugly wall texture you need to hide. I vowed to never use anything but Benjamin Moore paint ever again.

Coming new dressers!

Stay tuned!


Kacy said...

Love LOVE the sink. Even if it leaks.

stef j. said...
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stef j. said...

um, sorry, i removed my comment because it had a colorful joke ... i like color. do you like color?

blah blah... point: WASHABLE MATTE PAINT!!? seriously?!?!

done. getting it. yesterday, even. (check my blog, cause we're in escrow baby!!)

Amelia Merritt said...

Hey, Steph, I was raised by a woman with a pirate mouth. You don't have to ever censor yourself here, lady!

How exciting!! And yeah, seriously washes! I hope they have BM there. (Unfortunate initials.) I hope they have Benjamin Moore, there, in Hawaii.

See there, I broke the ice.