Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dressers and Front Door in Robin's Egg Blue.

So here are the pictures of the dressers that my friends talked me into keeping. (Like I needed any arm twisting.) I wanted to sell them, but I am just far, far too in love with them. I used this great Benjamin Moore paint that is the only thing I use for furniture anymore.

Here is what they looked like when I brought them home from a community yard sale...

I haven't attached the mirror, yet. It's only one coat short of being done!

I took off all of the pulls and instead of replacing them, I painted them with a special spray paint I have found. 'Cause why tamper with perfection? Some people would think they should do that to update them. Tsk.

Pugmann has to be sure and shake a few hairs in for good luck. Ancient Chinese secret.

And here they are now! Tadadadada do do deeed eed od o ta da ta da tadada dada dada dada da DA!

If you've noticed I have no baseboards, you'd be right! That's #23497 on the to do list.

Aaaand because I loved it so much, I painted my front door this same color.

Wow, I really need to paint my front stoop. It's still covered in glue from the ripped up carpet we pulled off it the day we moved in. I'll add it to the list...#31567...paint...front...stoop.


Josh said...

Those are SO fantasgreat! The look lovely with the greige...Can we come to your house next time we are in Utah?

stef j. said...

well, hot dang woman! is everything you touch just gorgeous!?!! LOVE IT!

i have an antique kinda like that one that i grew up with ... maybe i'll keep it and refinish it now...

inspired i am.

Shawn said...

Muy, muy BONITA!!!

Sorry----I'm not really Spanish, but I was feelin' the flava'!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo of the paint you used! I have been searching and searching for a robin's egg blue paint I can use on my refrigerator. I bought a vintage "Kelvinator" name plate on ebay. The robin's egg blue will give the refrigerator the 1950's look! P.S. I am putting in a black and white checkered kitchen floor too! Thanks again Amelia...Your dresser and front door look great!